Dolled Up is a photography experience by Schaumburg Photography that focuses on the beauty of women - sexy, bold, playful and strong. We offer three Dolled Up experiences designed to bring out your inner and outer beauty, and have a professional hair and makeup team available for each style.

Once upon a time, bombshells, starlets and vixens were captured in playful pinup photographs displayed on walls, in magazines and advertisements. These pinup images are playfully sexy and enchanting. At Dolled Up, we strive to release the inner bombshell, starlet or vixen in you through vintage inspired photography that fits your personality.

Boudoir - pronounced büdwär - is French for bedroom. Boudoir photography showcases your sexiness through classy, intimate portraits. These photographs are modern, sophisticated and richly romantic. At Dolled Up, we capture your strength and glamour using natural lighting in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that lets your inner and outer beauty unfold.

Cosplay photography brings fantasy characters to life, creating original works of performance art with elaborate costumes and cinematic style. At Dolled Up, we help you capture your passion and turn your vision into a reality. Whether you have the perfect costume ready or need help planning your character, we'll help fine tune all the details from start to finish. If you're seeking dramatic and original photographs that make a beautifully bold statement, contact us to start planning your cosplay experience.